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large lenses do not always equate to fun and quirky designs.

In the fashion world, two genres just scream the word "flashy": futuristic, and retro. From another vantage point, retro resembles futuristic in a lot of ways - the early years of the big names in fashion were the years of wonder, of endless possibilities. Designers were bold, daring and unafraid to think outside the box. As a result, many vintage pieces of clothing and accessories turned out to have a "futuristic" look - that is, a look that was way ahead of their time.

 You could see well enough how designers competed for the most outrageous and timelessly fashionable designs, just by looking at Ray-Ban, Dior and Emilio Pucci sunglasses. Let's take a look at the different manufacturers of vintage sunglasses, and how they've made a name for themselves through the years. While he rose to the top in the process of building a multimillion dollar fashion empire (made of mostly clothes and accessories for women), Italy-born Emilio Pucci also enjoyed life as an Olympic skier, a member of the Italian Parliament, and a wardrobe designer for Banff Airlines! Pucci's designs were known far and wide for their bold use of color - in particular, Emilio Pucci Dresses sunglasses sported colors and prints that definitely caught interest - quirky colors like aquamarine, flashy combinations like red and white, and even multicolor camouflage and stripe patterns adorned the frame. Large, attention-catching lenses were the "in" thing in the 70s and 80s, and the Pucci protective fashion eyewear of those years did not break that trend. The larger, the better! Funky lenses that broke the traditional round or squares mold were also in demand, and this was exactly what Dior knew when it turned out the Butterfly design. This artistic design is a classic in eyewear, catching the fancy of such fashion icons as Nicole Richie. However, large lenses do not always equate to fun and quirky designs. One can also have vintage flair while being serious, after all... and that was exactly what Ray-Ban accomplished with their vintage Wayfarer design. The classic design of Ray-Ban's Wayfarer sunglasses has been around since 1952 - and it is still around today!

 The comeback of Wayfarer in the mid-2000s was a celebrated one. In fact Ray-Ban's own brand director, Marcello Favagrossa, once made the claim that the Wayfarer is the most widely sold sunglass in history. Corporate marketing aside, this design has made quite a name for itself by having a slick, elegant make that would fit in even at a modern black tie affair. But if you really want to turn heads and catch stares, don't just go for a genuine Ray-Ban Wayfarer - go for a vintage one. Vintage Dior, Ray-Ban and Emilio Pucci sunglasses would be a great place to start, if you're set on letting the look of the past add color and life to the look of the present.


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